TraumInfotech means dream IT technology, and is a tech platform pioneering the blockchain and trading market.

In recognition of its technology, it has signed partnership contracts with Binance, OKX, and FTX, which are large global exchanges, and is developing blockchain services in cooperation with domestic companies. We are actively conducting various external activities such as research and development related to industry-academic connection with the AI Education Center of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.

Serious about the Trading

Trading is a process of accumulating cumulative profits by repeating transactions with excellent profit and loss ratios, and requires high concentration. We are immersed in the development of a solution that reduces fatigue and pressure of entry during trading and helps us to sell calmly.

Blockchain and NFT Development Skills

We are working on various NFT market place projects in cooperation with leading companies in Korea in recognition of technology in the blockchain field. We are developing our own NFT marketplace to protect traders' intellectual property rights and artists' copyrights.

The first work of Traum Infotech.

Beginners are like professionals, Professionals are like first-rate
Convenient trading solutions for individual investors
CoinButler is a trading solution that trades crypto based on the actual trading method of professional traders. In actual service, a new paradigm of system trading to present, we are constantly researching and developing additional features.
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Here are the works currently in preparation.

Arbibutler manages the risk in the market by purchasing and selling the same asset simultaneously in different markets to profit from tiny differences in the asset's listed price without deposit and withdrawal.
B2B version: In actual service
B2C lunch: Undetermined
StockButler is the stock version of CoinButler.. It reduces the burden of responding to sudden fluctuations, over night, and monitoring charts. Currently, the development has been completed, and the alpha test is in progress.
Alpha test in progress
Service Launch: 2023.1Q
It is a service that stably proceeds with grid trading using sophisticated S/R line AI.Various grid trading methods are being studied to improve the quality of investment and trading. The self-developed Fear Greed Index will be introduced together. Prototype test is currently in progress.
Alpha test in progress
Service Launch: 2022.4Q
Content Shopper is a market place where know-how and copyright are NFTed and distributed. Traders can make their know-how NFT and generate additional revenue. The strategy of a professional trader makes it easier and more reliable for retail investors.
※ The NFT distributed by Content Shopper is not only a trading strategy, It will be composed of various NFTs such as art collection.
Under development
Service Launch: 2023.1Q

Traum Infotech's final destination.

From Crypto to know-how
Integrated Asset Management Platform
Asset Butler is a platform that can manage nearly all assets including crypto, stock, gold, intellectual property rights, and so on. It's a vision that Traum Infotech aims for.


TRAUM INFO TECH’s product development schedule and direction

October 2017
Prototyping and validation of trading solutions

- Prototype of trading bot by type based on the requirements of professional traders
- Perform a successful POC after testing with actual trading

December 2018
Established Traum Infotech Co., Ltd.

- Promote and confirm commercialization and establish a corporation based on the success of the prototype POC.

January 2019
CoinButler spot trading system, futures trading system development

- Completed development of CoinButler MVP that can be used in multiple spot exchanges
- CoinButler derivatives trading system development completed.

August 2020
CoinButler X Global Exchanges

- Proceeding with alliances with multiple global ranking exchanges
1)  Partnership with FTX,
global ranking exchange.
2)  Signed an official API broker contract with Binance, the world's number one.

June 2021
CoinButler X Global Exchanges

- Signed an official API broker contract with OKEx, global ranking exchange.

Feburary 2022
Awarded the Innovation Finance Grand Prize in the robo-advisor platform sector

- Sponsored by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education / Organized by Money Today

March 2022
Participated as a capstone design mentor company in the artificial intelligence education center of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

- Developed a chart prediction algorithm using SNS sentiment analysis
- Developed an arbitrage algorithm using deep learning

April 2022
Participated in the meeting of excellent blockchain companies

- Participated in the meeting of excellent blockchain companies invited by the Ministry of Economy, Foreign Affairs, and Embassies of El Salvador

May 2022
Signed a business agreement with Busan Metropolitan City for blockchain industry

- Signed a business agreement with Busan Metropolitan City for the development of the blockchain industry and local economy

July 2022
Awarded Best Paper at academic conference HUFS Mentee Team of Traum X Lotte Data Communication

- Registered Lotte Data Communication as a Partner
- Awarded the Best Paper Award by the Jeju Provincial Society Foreign Studies Mentee Team of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

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