Real trading solutions created by professional traders

A large number of professional traders and IT experts gathered to develop trading solutions.
Based on the actual know-how of experts, they provide actually necessary functions.
Professional trading solutions that can satisfy both beginners and experts.

Group of professional traders and IT experts

Two completely different groups teamed up for one purpose.
The purpose is to develop the correct IT system necessary for trading.
We want to prove our synergy through our products.

Expert group

A team of experts with over 10 years of experience in each field will work to develop more tailored solutions.

Verified product

We have done the actual trading with the early prototypes and finished testing the product. After experiencing amazing results, we are in the process of updating to make the product available.

Various attempts

Meeting the unmet needs of trading market through various attempts that the existing products have not presented.



If you want to adopt a trading solution, You need to be very careful while choosing. Since it is directly connected to your assets’ fluctuations.
First, please clarify the purpose of the solution implementation. Remember, solutions are a useful tool for your trading activities.

We introduce products that will support your trading.

We have launched products to significantly improve your trading results.
Please check the characteristics of each product.


Exchange Integrated Management System.
24/7 It monitors and responds to charts on your behalf.

Margin Bot

Margin Trading Solution

Arbitrage Bot

Arbitrage Solution


TRAUM INFO TECH’s product development schedule and direction

2018 year
Completion and verification of trading solution’s prototype

Successful completion of POC through repeated trading of prototypes produced in collaboration with professional traders

December 2018
Prototype completion and verification of Arbitrage Bot.

Algorithm diversification and production of Arbitrage bot prototype that uses price differences between multiple exchanges

December 2018 Established TRAUM INFO TECH Corporation

After deciding on commercialization through prototype POC Corporation establishment as a core member

January 2019
MTS v1.0 announced

Continuous verification after the release of MTS v1.0, which enables integrated management of exchanges. At the same time product update work in progress

June 2019
Margin Bot v1.0 announced

Continuous verification after the launch of Margin Bot v1.0, a margin trading solution As well as ongoing product updates

Second half of 2019
Many trading solutions will be announced

Product development to meet the diverse needs of traders Box Pattern Bot, Scalp Trading Bot, Accumulation bot, Portfolio Bot, Pumping(Dumping) Bot, Scale Trading Bot, Market Maker’s Bot


Products that meet the needs of many specialized traders. It has been transformed into a product that experts like.


We are developing to provide new insights for traders through data mining and machine learning.

New Experience

Provides new experiences for trader's activities through new products.

Coming Soon

Box Pattern Bot

Makes it easy to make a profit.

Scalp Trading Bot

Optimized bot for people Who do scalp trading.

Accumulation Bot

Can be used to increase or Decrease position in the market.

Portfolio Bot

Invests in various coins according to the portfolio specified by you.

Pumping (Dumping) Bot

Finds and invests coins that are pumped or dumped under certain conditions.

Scale Trading Bot

Designed to reduce your risks.

Market Maker’s Bot

Does not require an explanation.

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